Poll explores public’s views on COVID relief bill and post-pandemic America

Only one-third of Americans believe the recently passed COVID relief package will significantly help them, according to a new poll led by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

The poll, which surveyed 1,008 adults in late March 2021 and focused on exploring the public’s views on the post-pandemic landscape, found that less than half of Democrats believe the bill will provide significant help, while just over one-third of Republicans and one-quarter of independents said they don’t expect any benefit.

The poll was designed by Robert Blendon, Richard L. Menschel Professor of Public Health and Professor of Health Policy and Political Analysis, Emeritus.

“With something this giant, I’d expect more,” said Blendon in an April 9, 2021, Politico article. “If I were a Democrat, I’d say we have to explain more of what’s in it and how it will help the average person.”

Other findings from the poll include:

  • Almost three-quarters of parents and guardians of school-age children said they want kids back in the classroom during the next school year
  • 76% of parents support requiring public school teachers to get vaccinated
  • A slight majority of working adults across political parties said they would like to return to the workplace after the crisis ends
  • Only 16% of respondents said they’d like to permanently work from home

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