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Addressing the U.S. homelessness crisis

At a recent virtual event co-sponsored by Harvard Chan School’s Initiative on Health and Homelessness, experts shared the latest statistics on homelessness and discussed approaches to tackling the complex issue.

Public health history course holds lessons for today

A new course at Harvard Chan School focuses on the history of public health, highlighting longstanding issues such as vaccine hesitancy, how life expectancy has been measured and used, tensions in the relationship between the fields of public…

The importance of studying treatments in pregnant people

At the 16th Kolokotrones Symposium, experts discussed the importance of including pregnant people when testing vaccines and drugs, the challenges of collecting data for that population, and research methods that could help fill the data gap.

Making performing arts venues healthier

An effort to ensure that Harvard University’s American Repertory Theater is housed in a healthy building—and to share information about how to make theaters everywhere healthier—was the focus of an article in American Artscape, the magazine of the…