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A surveillance system to spot pathogens early

Because detecting infectious disease outbreaks early is key for preventing the next pandemic, researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health are building a genomics-based surveillance system in West Africa, a hot spot for emerging pathogens.

What to do if heat makes you feel sick

Getting in the shade, drinking liquids, and placing a cold, wet towel or wet napkins on your neck are three things you can do if extreme heat starts making you feel sick, according to Harvard Chan School’s Catharina Giudice.

Child trafficking trends outlined in new report

A new report by the FXB Center for Health & Human Rights at Harvard University and the International Organization for Migration identified major trends in child trafficking as well as a complex range of factors that make children more susceptible.

Why we can be optimistic about climate change

Even though we’re inundated with news about scary climate disasters—from wildfires to extreme heat to flooding—we can stay optimistic about the climate’s future “because we know how to prevent things from getting worse,” according to Harvard Chan School’s Marcy Franck.

Fighting antibiotic resistance

Because antibiotic resistance can threaten the success of treatments across a wide range of conditions, more work needs to be done to prevent it, according to Bill Hanage of Harvard Chan School.