Harvard Public Health: Fall 2014

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Is butter really back?

Scientists debate the risks and benefits of certain dietary fats–but agree on what makes a healthy diet.

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Dean’s message: Behind the headlines

Public health professionals move easily from the individual to the institutional and back again to the human being.


Quick updates about public health news from the Fall 2014 issue of Harvard Public Health.

Off the cuff: What can microbes teach us about cancer?

Wendy Garrett specializes in studying the human gut and the possible links between these hordes of bacteria and colon cancer.

Q&A: When lab research threatens humanity

Is bench research that creates a lethal, contagious bird flu virus worth the risk that the virus could escape the lab?

An equal exchange

HSPH students pair with refugee peers to create Burma’s public health future.

Big data’s big visionary

John Quackenbush is harnessing today’s flood of digital information.

A survivor’s empathy

Angela Diaz’s immigrant journey inspires a career transforming teens’ health.

Commencement May 29, 2014

Centennial closing symposium & portrait unveiling

Philanthropic impact: Campaign update


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