Harvard Public Health: Winter 2009

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Employer health incentives: Employee wellness programs prod workers to adopt healthy lifestyles
Companies are increasingly using wellness incentives — and disincentives — to rein in runaway health care costs. HSPH health policy experts Michelle Mello and Meredith Rosenthal are studying the cost-effectiveness and legal parameters of these new plans.

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Binge drinking: Harvard College Alcohol Study calls for changes at U.S. School
A group of U.S. college presidents proposed this summer to open up a national debate about the legal drinking age.

Don’t I know you from Chennai? Reunited childhood friends share passion for helping kids
Drs. Sanjeev Sriram and Mohan Sundararaj met as 7th graders in India and reunited as MPH students at HSPH.

Remembering the late HSPH Nobel Laureate, Thomas Weller
Thomas Weller developed a new way to culture viruses in test tubes so that scientists could then test drugs against the polio virus and other pathogens.

The impact of genetics, stress, and lifestyle
Every heart attack survivor has a story to tell. Harvard School of Public Health Leadership Council member Rick Smith’s is a tale of good fortune.