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A call for improved use of data during crises

Better use of large-scale streams of digital data on population vulnerabilities, physical and medical infrastructure, human mobility, and environmental conditions is key to improving disaster preparedness and response, according to experts from Harvard Chan School.

Getting to know… Dongzhengyang "Ray" An, SM ’20

May 15, 2020—Data scientist. Minor celebrity. Self-styled crooner. Ahead of his May graduation, biostatistics student Dongzhengyang "Ray" An, discussed his path from China to Harvard Chan School, the draw of causal inference and machine learning, and how the…

Tracking COVID-19 with cell phone data while safeguarding privacy

Researchers led by Caroline Buckee are using cell phone data to study people’s mobility patterns, in order to help control COVID-19—without violating people’s privacy. Buckee, associate professor of epidemiology and associate director of the Center for Communicable Disease…

Mobility data can be potent tool in fighting COVID-19

Location and mobility data collected through apps and smartphones can play an important role in measuring the impact of social distancing efforts and refining interventions to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a March 23, 2020 letter in Science…