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We're better off with mRNA vaccines

The technology that is helping us combat COVID-19 is also poised to help us tackle tough infectious and non-infectious diseases. Immunologist Sarah Fortune explains how these vaccines work, and how the mRNA platform could transform the prevention and…

‘An enormous victory for public health’

Jaap Goudsmit, adjunct professor of epidemiology and infectious diseases and chief scientific officer of the Human Immunomics Initiative, a joint project between Harvard Chan School and the Human Vaccines Project, discusses COVID vaccines.

Bearing witness

Harvard Chan School scientists at the forefront of the pandemic response share their stories of stress, exhaustion, anger, grief, gratitude, and soul-searching.

A coronavirus Q&A with immunologist Sarah Fortune

Numerous topics about COVID-19—such as how COVID-19 deaths compare to influenza deaths, or how likely it is to get COVID-19 from airborne transmission—were discussed in a May 1, 2020 C-SPAN interview featuring Sarah Fortune, John LaPorte Given Professor…