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Op-ed: Addressing mental health during COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused depression, anxiety, and loneliness to spike around the world, at a time when, according to the World Health Organization, many countries are experiencing disruptions and cutbacks in mental health services.

How COVID-19 is affecting mental health across generations

Karestan Koenen, professor of psychiatric epidemiology, discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the mental health of different generations in a September 21, 2020 Facebook Live interview with Christine Chen of the Esalen Institute.

Shoring up mental health as winter approaches

Six months of dealing with the coronavirus, social unrest, and economic recession have left two out of five Americans with feelings of depression or anxiety, according to recent data—and the problem is likely to get worse as winter…

Opinion: Health care workers need more mental health support

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacted a dramatic mental health toll on health care workers, including Lorna Breen, a physician and director of the emergency department at New York-Presbyterian Allen Hospital, who committed suicide earlier this year, according to…