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America is Failing its Black Mothers

For decades, Harvard Chan alumni have shed light on high maternal mortality rates in African American women. Finally, policymakers are beginning to pay attention.

A public health wish list

Ensuring clean drinking water, boosting cancer screening, providing incentives aimed at healthy eating, and addressing socioeconomic factors that affect health such as housing and insurance are some of the measures that should be emphasized to improve public health,…

Using ‘social determinants’ data to improve health care

Some data-gathering companies have begun to scan public records for data on people’s “social determinants of health”—such as arrest records, bankruptcy filings, or marriages and divorces—and are offering it for sale to insurers and health systems, with the…

Student stories

Three students share why they pursued public health—and how they’re hoping to make an impact after graduation.

Discrimination in America

A new series of polls from the Harvard Opinion Research Program is shedding light on how Americans experience discrimination on a day-to-day basis.