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The making of a disease detective

Samantha Giffen, PhD ’21, loves the thrill of discovery, in the lab and beyond May 6, 2021 – One day in 2014, Samantha Giffen sat in a small dark room at the New York State Department of Public…

Bridging the Know-Do Gap

Ariadne Labs’ Better Evidence program brings the most up-to-date clinical knowledge to health care providers in resource-poor countries.

TB unlikely to be eliminated in U.S. anytime soon

But a greater focus on testing and treatment, particularly among immigrants, could speed the disease’s decline, study finds May 21, 2018 – Although tuberculosis (TB) is on the wane in the U.S., there’s little chance that the nation…

Science advocate

Lauren Robertson, PhD ’18, will use her training in the biological sciences to pursue work on the development of a tuberculosis vaccine while mentoring high school students on the side.