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The Gun Shop Project

[ Spring 2013 ] In April 2009, over a five-day period, two young men and an older woman in New Hampshire each bought handguns from Riley's Sport Shop in Hooksett and within hours committed suicide. The victims did not know…

Guns & Suicide: The Hidden Toll

[ Spring 2013 ] Survivor profiles "He was struggling with nightmares." Emily Frazier's 21-year-old husband, Ryan Frazier, shot himself with a semiautomatic in November 2008, soon after bringing a lawsuit against a priest who had molested him during his teenage…

Guns & Suicide: The Hidden Toll

[ Spring 2013 ] Special Report by Madeline Drexler, Editor, Harvard Public Health There’s a gas station maybe a five-minute drive away from us, and the gas station sells guns. I didn’t realize places like that existed. Ryan just walked…

Soda and violence

Article in Harvard Magazine, November-December 2012 issue, featuring HSPH’s David Hemenway