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Tracking police killings and police deaths

In a special episode we examine how the state of Tennessee is taking action to more accurately track police deaths and police killings—and explore how that could lead to changes in how police forces operate.

This Week in Health: Religion and mortality risk

In this week’s podcast: the link between religion and health, plus preventing violence in hospitals, and how the opioid abuse epidemic in the United States is having an unintended ripple effect around the world.

Gun research faces roadblocks

There are tons of records about guns—who sells them, who buys them, and, if they were used in crimes, when and where—but those records don’t necessarily make it into any database available to researchers. Although evidence suggests that…

A better surveillance system for tracking police homicides

For immediate release: March 17, 2016 Boston, MA – Official counts of homicides by police seriously undercount incidents, according to a study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, but a relatively new national data system, currently…