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Mindful eating can be antidote to stress

A growing body of research suggests that taking the time to savor meals rather than gulping them down on the go can improve health and well-being and promote a healthier relationship to food.

How to practice mindful eating

“Mindful eating”—the practice of taking time to consciously experience, enjoy, and express gratitude for a meal—offers myriad health benefits, according to Harvard Chan School’s Lilian Cheung.

Fighting for gender-affirming care

During a June 22 panel discussion at Harvard Chan School, experts discussed the broad impacts of bans on gender-affirming care and shared approaches to fighting them.

MIND diet may reduce risk of dementia

The Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay (MIND) diet may reduce the risk of all-cause dementia among middle-aged and older adults, according to a new study led by Harvard Chan School.

Better Off Podcast: Is working from home unhealthy?

Working from home has its perks: Better coffee, easy commute, no fluorescent lighting. But, as any home office worker can tell you, there are also downsides: No more office social hours, no more ergonomic chairs, and no more…

A growing fear of nature

Urban development is limiting people’s exposure to nature, potentially leading them to develop biophobia, or a fear of nature, according to experts. The fear could have consequences for the environment, since individuals who fear nature may be less…