Fields of Study

While the program is interdisciplinary in its orientation, students will be part of a Field of Study that is chosen during the application process.

These Fields of Study are affiliated with the departments participating in this program. Each Field of Study includes Areas of Specialization.

Choosing a Field of Study and one Area of Specialization within that Field of Study signals the beginning of a journey towards developing competence in a targeted area. Field of Study-specific training will be delivered through targeted courses and research assistantships.

Students are also encouraged to explore interest in another Field of Study during the program by working with faculty across fields in order to develop deeper knowledge and have a more collaborative and complete experience.

For questions that are specific to a field of study, please contact the corresponding Academic Administrator:

  • Barbara Zuckerman, Environmental Health, 665 Huntington Ave. Bldg. 1- 1304A, Boston, MA 02115, tel: 617-432-2109
  • Eric DiGiovanni, Epidemiology, Kresge 904, 677 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02115
  • Barbara Heil, Global Health & Population, Bldg 1-1108D, 665 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02115, tel: tel: 617-432-1179
  • Stefanie Dean, Nutrition, 655 Huntington Ave., Bldg 2, Room 310, Boston, MA 02115, tel: 617-432-1528
  • Whitney Waddell, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Kresge Bldg, Room 622, 677 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02115, tel: 617-432-3761