Residential Program

We are excited about your interest in the Public Health Leadership Lab’s Residential Program. Our program explores self-awareness through reflection, leadership skills, and teaming. We cover topics such as listening, purpose and values, difficult conversations, power and privilege, and working in teams. Through these topics and experiential learning, we focus on translating theory into action. We are also looking for students committed to learning the theory and putting that theory into practice.

The Public Health Leadership Lab’s Residential Program offers the Participant and Concentrator options for students who are currently pursuing a degree in-person. You must be enrolled and attending HSPH during Fall and Spring semesters in-person to qualify for the Residential Program. Students who are in non-residential programs, online, and summer-only should consider the Virtual Program.

List of degree programs that qualify for the Residential Program:

  • MPH-45 (All Fields of Study except Summer-Only Program in Clinical Effectiveness)
  • MPH-65 (All Fields of Study)
  • Master in Health Care Management
  • Master of Science
  • Doctor of Public Health
  • PhD in Biological Sciences in Public Health
  • PhD in Biostatistics
  • PhD in Health Policy
  • PhD in Population Health Sciences
  • Dual/Joint Degree Programs

Lvls of EngagmenetThe Participant and Concentrator programs vary between their levels of engagement. Both Participants and Concentrators will complete the Fall Semester program which consists of in-person Saturday retreats and assignments. If a student chooses to continue as a Concentrator, they will take a deeper dive into leadership theory and practice by continuing with additional requirements during J-term and the Spring Semester.

We expect students to prioritize and attend Saturday workshops in their entirety and submit all required assignments to complete the program. Participants will be awarded an official “Letter of Participation” and Concentrators will be awarded an official “Letter of Completion” in the Interdisciplinary Public Health Leadership Concentration.

The time commitment and workload are similar to a 1.25 credit course. Prior to applying, please make sure you can attend the Welcome Meeting and 3 Saturday Retreats listed in the Participant and Concentrator Overview. To be considered for either the Participant or Concentrator option, students must complete an online application during Fall 1 and pay a $150 assessment and materials fee. We do not admit new students after the Fall 1 application deadline.

We hope you find something that fits your learning goals and schedule.