Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Public Health Leadership Lab happening during the 2020-2021 school year?
A: Yes, PHL Lab is still happening this year, but in a revamped remote format.

Q: How will you be doing info sessions?
A: We will be posting a pre-recorded info session and attending the Office of Student Affairs Virtual Fall Resource Fair.

Q: Will I need to apply if I don’t want to be a Participant or Concentrator, but I want access to the workshops?
A: You will not need to apply. However, you will need to register for the workshops so that you can receive the links to view them.

Q: Will the 10 electives for the concentration be able to overlap with the electives required for my program?
A: Yes, your electives for PHL Lab can overlap with required or elective courses for your program. You do not have to take completely new courses if PHL approved courses also fulfill your program’s needs.

Q: Is the list of approved courses changing this year?
A: No, the list is not changing. The list of approved courses for the concentration will remain the same.

Q: How will the experiential part of PHL Lab work if we can no longer be in person?
A: PHL Lab is changing the format to include online simulations and live integrations to take the place of our previous in-person retreats and sessions while still providing experiential learning for you to apply to your public health practice.

Q: What happens if I miss one of the mandatory sessions?
A: An expectation is that if you apply to the program and are accepted, you will block off your calendar for these events and dedicate the time to PHL Lab. We understand that things come up, such as family emergencies. We will work to be accommodating to your circumstances, as our current reality of COVID-19 requires additional flexibility. Talk to us. We’re here for you.


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