Student Testimonials

These quotes are from workshop feedback surveys and the year-end PHL evaluation surveys.

“It’s important to know yourself and your own story, prejudices, strengths, and weaknesses before you can effectively communicate, connect, and inspire others to follow your lead.”

“The leadership role allowed me to practice my communication skills (especially when handling challenging situations where people had differing viewpoints), apply some evaluation skills towards real projects, and speaking out in forums that I previously was shy about.”

“Taking a leadership role provided me a safe and somewhat bounded venue for applying some of what I was learning through the leadership programming.”

“I thought the 10 credit requirement was good. It forced me to take some classes I otherwise would not have taken.”

“All stories are powerful, and we need to learn how to share our own story to motivate others.”

“Focused reflection is one key element to growing and succeeding as a leader.”

“The ePortfolio captured in one place, all of the activities, learning objectives and personal growth I experienced over the course of the concentration- my journey towards developing my leadership skills.”

 “My concentration coach was extremely supportive throughout the year. She has truly helped me in reflecting and encouraged me to explore something I am truly passionate about.”

“My concentration coach facilitated my learning and leadership development by establishing a good basis of communication, facilitating learning and establishing a sound basis.”

“I am much more confident in interacting with fellow students and faculty because of engaging in the workshops and coursework.”