Recent Publications


  • Bård Anders Andreassen and Stephen P. Marks, Development as a Human Right: Legal, Political and Economic Dimensions, 2nd revised edition, Intersentia, 2010.
  • RightDevelopmentInteractive_OHCHR 
  • José M. Zuniga, Stephen P. Marks and Lawrence O. Gostin, (eds.), Advancing the Human Right to Health, Oxford University Press, 2013

Book chapters


Working Papers

  • Stephen P. Marks, The Right to Essential and Emergency Surgery, paper presented at The Harvard Symposium on the Role of Surgery in Global Health: Addressing the crisis – Anesthesia, Surgical need and Global Health dialogue, November 5, 2010, 16 pp.
  • Stephen P. Marks, The Politics of the Possible: the Way Ahead for the Right to Development, International Policy Analysis, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, June 2011, 14 pp.

Finished and in preparation for publication

  • Freedom from Poverty as a Human Right: Economic Perspectives
  • The Right to Health in Comparative Perspective

Future publications


  • Research Handbook on Human Rights and Development (Edward Elgar’s collection of research handbooks)
  • Publication on RTD 25
  • Health and Human Rights: Basic International Documents, 3rd ed.

Book chapters and articles in preparation

  • Defining and enshrining the right to Health, in José M. Zuniga and Lawrence O. Gostin (eds.), Achieving the Human Right to Health, Oxford University Press (in preparation)
  • Human Rights, in Christopher Bates (ed.), Encyclopedia of Global Social Issues (in preparation)
  • Human Evolution and Biology as Challenges to the Moral Claims of Human Rights, in  . Dirk Hanschel (ed.), Mensch und Recht (“The Human Being and the Law”). Liber amicorum Eibe Riedel

Harvard Series on Health and Human Rights, Harvard University Press