Seminars & Events

Annual PQG Conference

The Program in Quantitative Genomics will host its 18th annual conference on AI and Genomics at the Joseph Martin Conference Center in Boston, MA on October 17-18, 2024.

PQG Seminar Series

The goal of the PQG Seminar Series is to encourage the exchanging of ideas, promote interaction, collaboration, and research in quantitative genomics. It also aims to promote the mission of the PQG which is to improve health through an interdisciplinary study of genetics, behavior, environment and medicine. The seminar series looks to include the development and application of quantitative methods, especially for high dimensional data, as well as a focus on the training of quantitative genomic scientists.

PQG Student and Postdoc Seminar Series

Each year, the PQG organizes a less formal PQG Student and Postdoc Seminar Series for all local students, postdocs, and faculty. The goal is to provide the opportunity to present and participate in the discussion of works-in-progress, and to focus on the methods and analysis of high-dimensional data in genetics and genomics.

PQG Short Courses

The PQG organizes several Short Courses during the course of the academic year that focus on skill building relevant to genomic research and data analysis.

Biostatistics/Biomedical Informatics Big Data Seminar Series (B3D)

The B3D Seminar Series is a series of research talks on statistical, computational, and machine learning methods for analyzing large complex data sets, with a focus on applications in biomedical science and public health including: genetics and genomics, epidemiological and environmental health science, comparative effective research, electronic medical records, digital health, neuroscience, and social networks.

The goal of the seminar is to provide a forum for brainstorming and exchanging ideas, and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers from a variety of disciplines such as biostatistics/statistics, biomedical informatics, computer science, computational biology, biomedicine, public health, social sciences, and other related areas. The seminar will feature local, national, and international speakers who are leaders in their field.