2024 PQG Conference

AI for Genomics and Health

The Program in Quantitative Genomics will host its 17th annual conference, “AI for Genomics and Health”, at the Joseph Martin Conference Center in Boston, MA on Oct 17-18, 2024.

Recent breakthroughs at the nexus of AI, genomics, and healthcare have been remarkable. Cutting-edge technologies, including transformers, large language models, and protein structure models, are leveraging vast datasets to exhibit remarkable emergent capabilities. At the same time, biotechnological innovations such as high-throughput CRISPR screens, multiplex imaging, and spatial omics are producing rich data at unprecedented scales and resolutions.

The 2024 PQG conference will explore exciting advances in AI applications in genomics, translational medicine and healthcare. We will also discuss emerging topics in biomedical generative AI and its broader societal impacts.

The conference will be centered on the following three topics:

SESSION 1: AI for Genomics
SESSION 2: AI for Precision/Translational Medicine and Healthcare
SESSION 3: Emerging topics in generative AI

Registration is required. We encourage you to register early for this event.
We highly encourage abstract submissions and participation of all researchers, especially junior researchers, for posters and possible platform presentations.  Top abstracts will be selected as stellar abstract award winners to be presented as 10-minute platform talks.