Food & Fun After School

Food and Fun After School logo, showing cartoon of three kids and smiling vegetablesFood and Fun After School (© President and Fellows of Harvard College and YMCA of the USA) is a curriculum designed to develop healthy habits out of school time. Eleven teaching units help programs infuse healthy snacks and recipes, physically active games, and creative learning activities into regular program schedules.

Food & Fun After School is geared towards getting out-of-school time staff and parents excited about promoting physical activity and nutrition by creating healthy environments for themselves and their children. Everyone interested in making healthy changes should have access to information and resources that will help them in the process. That is why all Food & Fun After School materials are free of charge! So go ahead and get started. Browse, download, plan, act…and don’t forget to have fun!

Funders: Food and Fun After School was developed under a gift from Paul and Mary Finnegan. The second edition was revised under a gift from the Donald and Sue Pritzker Nutrition and Fitness Initiative.
Contact: Rebekka Lee

Food and Fun After School (© President and Fellows of Harvard College and YMCA of the USA)


What You’ll Find in Each Unit

In each unit, you’ll find behavior goals, key messages, key information for program staff, activities for children, ways to connect with parents, recipes and taste tests, worksheets, and tips for success!

Information for Staff

Staff can learn more about how to get started, how to get other staff on board, and how to talk about nutrition and physical activity.

Connecting with Families

Browse a variety of additional resources that reinforce the key messages of Food & Fun, such as newsletters articles, email messages, and handouts, all available in both English and Spanish and the handouts also available in Chinese!

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