Secondary Faculty

Megan Murray

Professor in the Department of Epidemiology


Other Positions

Associate Professor of Medicine

Medicine-Brigham and Women's Hospital

Harvard Medical School

Ronda Stryker and William Johnston Professor of Global Health

Global Health and Social Medicine

Harvard Medical School

Director of Research, Global Health & Social Medicine

Global Health and Social Medicine

Harvard Medical School



A lifesaving therapy—and the researcher who helped launch it

November 26, 2018 – Oral rehydration therapy (ORT)—a mixture of water, sugar, and salt that is remarkably effective at rehydrating people with cholera or other diarrheal diseases—is credited with saving tens of millions of lives worldwide. On November…

Genome sequencing may speed diagnosis of drug-resistant TB

The global burden of tuberculosis (TB) is staggering—1.6 million people died from the disease in 2017 alone—and drug-resistant strains are a growing problem. New research, however, indicates that DNA sequencing may be an effective tool for identifying whether…