Prospective Students

Add your name to the admissions mailing list now and apply by December to the Master of Science (SM) in Computational Biology and Quantitative Genetics program at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health.


Candidates for admission to the SM in Computational Biology and Quantitative Genetics program should have successfully completed the following:

    • An undergraduate degree in mathematical sciences or allied fields (e.g. biology, psychology, economics)
    • Calculus through partial differentiation and multivariable integration
    • One semester of linear algebra or matrix methods
    • Either a two-semester sequence in probability and statistics or a two-semester sequence in applied statistics
    • At least one semester of training in biology, with some familiarity with molecular biology and genetics.


Funding for master’s students is limited, and all applicants are encouraged to apply for outside scholarships.  The Department will try to match master’s applicants with competitive Harvard scholarships in the area of their research interest, master’s students are encouraged to find part-time research or teaching assistantships.

For more assistance with funding for master’s programs, please contact SPH Student Financial Services.

Additional Notes

    • Applicants are also encouraged to have completed other courses in quantitative areas and in areas of application in the biological sciences.
    • Practical knowledge of computer scripting and programming as well as experience with a statistical computing package such as R is highly desirable.
    • Additional research or work experience is beneficial, but not required.
    • Applicants should show excellence in written and spoken English.

Evidence that these requirements have been fulfilled should form part of the application.

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