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Dear Harvard Chan Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community–

The history of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health begins with a deep connection to public health activism in the early 20th century. Over the past century, students, researchers, and practitioners at our school have been at the forefront of research and activism of critical public health topics as they developed, including HIV/AIDS, affordable healthcare, racism, sexual assault, gun violence, climate change, and health disparities. Historically, we have studied and fought for rigorous scientific inquiry, social equality, health equity, and ways to make people’s lives and health better.  Now, just over 100 years later, we continue to be called to speak up and to reaffirm these values and our work.

In light of the presidential election and its aftermath, we, the members of the Harvard Chan Student Association, will not remain silent. We claim our school as a place of inclusion that respects the dignity, worth, and rights of all human beings. We feel the responsibility to affirm and make clear the institutional values named on our school’s website: service, prevention, collective action for health promotion, upholding academic and scientific conduct, and health as a fundamental human right. One of the core values of our school reads, “public health has the responsibility to improve and protect the health of all populations, especially the most vulnerable of these—children, the elderly, the poor, and the underserved.” In the aftermath of the election, these values have been challenged and these vulnerable populations have been threatened.

As human beings, advocates for our student body, and public health students, we unequivocally condemn the acts of hatred stemming from racism, sexism, classism, ableism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, homophobia and anti-Semitism that have risen dramatically in incidence since the election, including to students and faculty at our own University. If any member of our community should feel unsafe or targeted at any time, please know that we are here to listen and to support, to walk with you, and to offer further help as you want or need.

We also condemn the choices that President-elect Donald Trump has made thus far for his cabinet and recognize the danger that these choices present to our world. We should have a cabinet that promotes the health and well being of the entire country. Specifically, we should have an EPA head who understands that humans are a major contributor to climate change—unlike Myron Ebell. We should have an Attorney General who has a history of supporting civil rights across lines of race, religion, sexuality, and immigration status—unlike Jeff Sessions. We should have a Chief Strategist who supports the promotion of women in STEM degrees and jobs and speaks against racist, sexist, xenophobic, and anti-Semitic material instead of publishing it—unlike Steve Bannon. We should have a National Security Adviser who respects people of all religions and creeds, including Islam—unlike Michael Flynn. We encourage and support the promotion of individuals who reflect not only the values of our school, but also the diversity of our country.

Of course, reaffirming our values and condemning hatred and bigotry are important in word, but need to be followed with action. We understand health is a multifaceted issue, shaped by society, political institutions, and national discourse, and we will leave no stone unturned to play the role of a champion of progressive health policies, regionally as well as nationally. We encourage our student body to find communities of support and methods of taking action to affirm and to reaffirm your values in the days and months ahead. Whether that be calling your senators, state legislators, and local government or donating to nonprofits and community organizations defending human rights, dignity, and worth or stepping up to intervene in situations of hatred and discrimination — we are with you in the struggle as we continue to move forward.

2016-2017 Officers:

Position Name Email
Executive Board
President Christine Mitchell mitchellcmc@gmail.com
Vice-President of Academic Affairs Abhinav Reddy abr607@mail.harvard.edu
Vice-President of Student Life Seciah Aquino saquino@mail.harvard.edu
Vice-President of Communication Paul Reeping par517@mail.harvard.edu
Vice-President of Finance Adil Bahalim adil.bahalim@mail.harvard.com
Vice-President of Student Advocacy Jacob Barrera jacob.barrera214@gmail.com
Academic Affairs: Department Rep
Biostatistics Xinrui Cao xic188@mail.harvard.edu
Epidemiology Jenn Yland jey438@mail.harvard.edu
Environmental Health Anna Young ayoung@mail.harvard.edu
Global Health and Population Rahima Dosani rahimafd@gmail.com
GCD/IID Mike McArthur macarthur@g.harvard.edu
Health Policy and Management Fiona Pinto pinto.fiona@gmail.com
Nutrition Aviva Musicus aam231@mail.harvard.edu
Population Health Sciences Hector Maldonado-Perez hector_maldonadoperez@g.harvard.edu
SBS Andrew Kalweit ank587@mail.harvard.edu
Academic Affairs: Program Rep
Master of Science 42.5/60 Kara Higgins kah398@mail.harvard.edu
Master of Science 80 Sohini Mukherjee som557@mail.harvard.edu
MPH 45 Junaid Nabi junaid.nabi@mail.harvard.edu
MPH 65 Emily Arsen ema938@mail.harvard.edu
DPH Gretchen Stoddard gretchen@mail.harvard.edu
PHD/SD Erika Eitland erikaseitland@gmail.com
Division of Comm:
Public Relations Austin Chiang alchiang@partners.org
Stall Stories Aude Richard aur655@mail.harvard.edu
Division of Finance:
Merchandise Cianna Leatherwood ciannal@gmail.com
Division of Student Life:
Health and Wellness Paola Abril Campos paolaabril@mail.harvard.edu
Social Events Megan Huang meh404@mail.harvard.edu
Community and Volunteer Beth Welch ekw613@mail.harvard.edu
International Student Advocate Anu [Amandeep] Ghuman amg622@mail.harvard.edu
Diversity and Inclusion Sebastian Saurez ses516@mail.harvard.edu


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