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In light of the ongoing strike and negotiations between the Harvard Graduate Student Union (HGSU-UAW) and the Harvard Administration, the Harvard Chan Student Association (HCSA) fully recognizes the right to free speech, protest, and organizing. We support students in their exercising of these rights. We also support the rights of students to pursue a fair contract with the Harvard Administration. Furthermore, HCSA strongly believes in fair and equitable discussion and free speech of the union among those wishing to engage in discourse. Finally, if at any point during the strike and negotiations students feel negatively affected, please feel free to connect with your representatives on HCSA.

The history of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health begins with a deep connection to public health activism in the early 20th century. Over the past century, students, researchers, and practitioners at our school have been at the forefront of research and activism of critical public health topics as they developed, including HIV/AIDS, affordable healthcare, racism, sexual assault, gun violence, climate change, and health disparities. Historically, we have studied and fought for rigorous scientific inquiry, social equality, health equity, and ways to make people’s lives and health better. Now, just over 100 years later, we continue to be called to speak up and to reaffirm these values and our work.


2019-2020  Executive Board Officers


Lucas Buyon is a rising third year Ph.D. candidate in the Biological Sciences in Public Health Program, where he studies the evolutionary history, drug resistance, and transmission dynamics of Malaria causing parasites. Outside school, he enjoys playing tennis, cooking, and attempting to learn how to salsa dance! buyon@g.harvard.edu
VP of Academic Affairs - Jake Petrini

VP of Academic Affairs

Jake Petrini is a second year MPH student in the Health Management program. Jake is interested in health systems reform, policy making, and efficient and equitable innovations in healthcare. He is currently taking part in a Single Payer study group, and enjoys discussing politics, taking photos, baking, hiking and meeting new people – feel free to reach out for coffee and/or to chat! jacobpetrini@hsph.harvard.edu


VP of Student Life

Sarah is a first-year SM 80 Environmental Health student studying indoor air pollution exposure disparities in low-income communities. She grew up in North Carolina and went to undergrad at UNC-Chapel Hill where she developed a passion for work in air pollution and played fiddle in the Carolina Bluegrass Band. Current hobbies include biking everywhere, cooking, singing in the Longwood Chorus, and exploring new places with her housemates. szelasky@hsph.harvard.edu
Hussein Saghir VP of Communication

VP of Communications

Hussein Saghir is a Commonwealth Fund Fellow completing the MPH45 in Health Management. He is a board-certified Sports Medicine and Family Medicine physician practicing in Flint, Michigan. He is passionate about minority health policy and plans to take his training at Harvard back home to continue championing for health equity and human rights. He enjoys solo and group culinary excursions as well as learning about different cultures. He is very approachable in or out of class and welcomes the opportunity to converse about what matters to you.  Hussein_Saghir@hms.harvard.edu
VP of Finance

VP of Finance

Mona Kelkar is a first year SM student in the Biostatistics Department. Before arriving on campus, Mona worked as a Healthcare Analytics Manager providing consulting services to a broad range of clients including payers, providers, biopharmaceutical companies, and device manufacturers. She also received her MBA from NYU Stern in 2017. Outside of school, she enjoys sci-fi novels, horror movies, and singing. monakelkar@hsph.harvard.edu

VP of Advocacy

Sina Famenini is a student in the Masters in Pubic Health – Quantitative Methods program at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Sina is also pursuing a Doctor of Medicine (MD) at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Sina was born in Iran, grew up in Los Angeles, and now calls Baltimore his home. He is interested in researching preventative care practices and cancer screenings in low-resource settings. Sina has extensively worked in student governments and is dedicated to advocating for his peers’ physical and mental wellness. Outside school, he enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking, photography. He is also an avid fan of vaccines and dad-jokes. sfamenini@hsph.harvard.edu

Person at Large

Sam Zepeda is a second year, SM-80 global health and population student from the California Bay Area. She is interested in domestic health policy and is passionate about mitigating socioeconomic barriers to accessing preventative care and achieving quality health outcomes. Sam loves going to art museums and concerts, appreciates some quality hammock time, and is a proud Duke “Cameron Crazie”. szepeda@hsph.harvard.edu

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