Student Election Campaign Policies

Violation of campaign policies will result in termination of candidacy by the Office for Student Affairs.

Campaigning budget for each candidate is limited to $25 of their own funds.

  • Campaigning is any activity by a candidate or supporter that is intended or likely to affect how a voter casts a ballot. This includes the placement of any signs or the like on display and the solicitation of the vote of any Harvard Chan student.
  • Campaigning includes, but is not limited to, the following: distributing printed material, posting notices on campus bulletin boards; making speeches to groups, attending and/or speaking at parties or other gatherings sponsored for, or intended to promote one’s candidacy for office; door-to-door solicitation; e-mail notification; telephone solicitation; and other forms of verbal and written expression of one’s candidacy for office and qualifications/ experience ambitions/ platform for that office.
  • Candidates are expected to conduct themselves in an ethically appropriate manner.
  • A candidate or supporter may under no circumstances intentionally interfere with the campaign of another candidate in any way, including but not limited to the destruction of campaign materials.
  • A candidate is responsible for the actions of anyone campaigning on his or her behalf; candidates will be held responsible for their supporter’s conduct.
  • Student Listservs, including but not limited to, Student News and Student Association departmental and program lists, and Canvas course sites may not be used for campaigning or lobbying in support of candidates. This policy includes sending unsolicited emails to students, regardless of how the list of students was generated.
  • All campaign materials must be removed within 24 hours of the end of voting period.
  • Aside from spelling or grammatical errors, the Office for Student Affairs cannot change your personal statement once voting begins.
  • The Office for Student Affairs and other departments and program offices at Harvard Chan will not assist any candidate with their campaigning.
  • Only current Harvard Chan Students are eligible to vote.
  • Students may not vote more than once.