Disha Ganjegunte – Candidate for President

Disha Ganjegunte is running for President and this is her diagnosis:

Tachycardia in the thoracic cavity due to excessive serotonin release, when the term “public health” is verbally said.

In other words, enormous happiness makes Disha’s heart race with excitement when she thinks about all of the amazing limitless positive change that can be made here at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health.

As a first-generation student in the US, Disha has worked with the House of Representatives, the UNICEF Foresight Circle, the Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship, served as the Post Secondary Vice President of Texas HOSA, and has appeared on several shows such as the “Late Late Show with James Corden” and the “Jennifer Hudson Show.” Disha has studied and worked in countries across the world like Ethiopia, Ireland, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Israel, Palestine, Mexico, Brazil, and across the United States. Using her diverse work experience, Disha wants to raise empathy and positive change throughout the world. Her use of film making, acting, poetry, and keynote speaking are one outlet that she utilizes to work towards this goal. Her most recent work includes incorporating important global and social issues into the short film, “To Be Loved,” and her work with the Oscar-nominated production company, Smartypants Productions. Throughout the 2023-2024 term, Disha served as one of the Top 40 Youth Global Changemaker Catalyst leaders combatting the global refugee crisis.

As president, Disha would work to foster a safe and welcoming space for students of ALL backgrounds at HCSA. She would create more opportunities for Chan students to navigate scholarship and fellowship opportunities, promote international student representation in and out of classrooms, encourage experience-sharing between different degree programs, and facilitate and motivate Chan students to collaborate and engage across schools within the Harvard University community.

Dream Big and VOTE DISHA!