Spencer Robinson – Candidate for Vice-President Student Life

Spencer Robinson for VP for HCSA Student Life

Harvard is more than a degree – its an experience. Our peers and professors, teaching fellows and visiting scholars are all global public health leaders. I want to make sure that you get the chance to form meaningful and lasting relationships in and outside of the classroom.

I’ve always been committed to being active in my community. As an ambitious high schooler living in Shanghai, China I worked on the school magazine, was involved in student government, played sports teams and volunteered to tutor English. Before I came to Harvard I regularly spent my weekends pulling weeds at a community farm in San Francisco. Wellness, service and socializing are key parts to how I live my life and how I like to make space for other people to enjoy their lives.

My platform:

  1. Social life – Many of Harvard’s graduate schools have regular weekly or monthly mixers … why not Chan? I envision social events where the whole school is invited to mix and mingle. There’s no substitute for finding opportunities to gather, in-person or online for our remote students!
  2. Wellness – Harvard offers yoga, meditation, intramural sports, dance, art and so many other activities I’d like to connect people to. In addition to promoting the fun stuff I am committed to ensuring students can access mental health care and primary care, and also know about academic accommodations necessary when you need to put other things in life first. Our conversations concerning health disparities, injustice and trauma also takes a toll so I’m committed to giving people space to heal.
  3. Service – Being active members of school community is only enriched by connecting with communities outside of our school’s walls. As the 23-24 community engagement & volunteer coordinator my my heart has been warmed to see how many other feel the same here.

I love Chan and I chose to spend a lot of time here. I am open to all opinions, even those I disagree with. You are always welcome people to stop me and give me tips on how to make our time at Chan more fun, enjoyable and fulfilling.