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The Football Players Health Study

Launched in 2014, the Football Players Health Study is a comprehensive research program at Harvard University dedicated to addressing the health and wellbeing of former NFL players. It is the largest study ever conducted of living former players. Harnessing the expertise of the University’s faculty and researchers across interdisciplinary domains, including neurology, sports medicine, rehabilitation medicine, public health, cardiology, and more, the Study is the first to advance our knowledge of the inter-dependency of the multiple, and often interrelated, conditions that former players face.

St. Louis Baby Teeth Study

Harvard researchers studying how early-life exposures are relevant to lifelong health will examine baby teeth left over from the famous Baby Tooth Survey in St. Louis, a Cold War-era study that measured radioactive fallout in about 320,000 donated teeth.

Childhood Abuse and Mental Illness


Environmental Neuroepidemiology


Alzheimer’s disease

amyotrophic lateral sclerosis


cognitive function

epidemiological methods

mental health

Parkinson’s disease