Doctoral Thesis Titles

Below is a thorough sampling of Maternal and Child Health Doctoral Thesis titles reported by year.


  • The Development and Importance of Self-Regulation: A Public Health Perspective
  • The Effect of Early Intervention Programs for High-Risk Infants on School-Age Special Services Use and Parental Domain-Specific Self Efficacy
  • The Impact of Educational Attainment and Literacy on Dementia, Depressive Symptoms, and Mortality
  • Childhood Origins of Adult Disease: Social Disadvantages, Psychological Functioning, and Cardiometabolic Risk


  • Spillover Effects of the Great Recession  on Health
  •  The Intersections of Discrimination, Bullying and Coping Among Ethnically Diverse Urban Youth: Highlighting Weight-Based Discrimination Though a Mixed-Methods Framework


  • The Etiology of Youth Depression: From Genes to School Social Environments.
  • Social Determinants of Pregnancy-Related Mortality and Care seeking for Obstetric Complications in Bangladesh.
  • Examining Risk Factors for Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration and Victimization in the General Population.
  • A_Sleep in the city: Examining the consequences and Context of Sleep Deprivation in Urban Youth
  • Risk and Protective Factors of Disordered Weight Control Behaviors Among Youth


  • Evaluating the Success of School-Based Cafeteria Intervention
  • The Etiology of Youth Depression: From Genes to School Social Environments
  • Social Determinants of Pregnancy-Related Mortality and Care Seeking for Obstetric Complications in Bangladesh
  • Examining Risk Factors for Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration and Victimization in the General Poplaution
  • A_Sleep in the City: Examining the Consequences and Context of Sleep Deprivation in Urban Youth
  • Risk and Protective Factors of Disordered Weight Control Behaviors Among Youth


  • Using the Social Contextual Model of Health Behavior Change to Improve Worker Health
  • Heterogeneity in the Genetic and Developmental Etiology of Autistic Traits
  • Maternal Behaviors: Associations with Child Behaviors and Weight
  • The Nature of Child Maltreatment and Psychological Adjustment Over Time: Results from the National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being
  • Anthropometric Factors, Hormones, and Premenopausal Breast Cancer  
  • Examining Childhood Emotional Functioning as a Determinant of Physical Health Over the Life Course  
  • Impact of Son Preference and Intimate Partner Violence on Health of Women and Children in India  


  • The Influence of Pregnancy and Perinatal Risk Factors on Adverse Neonatal Outcome.
  • Lifecourse Approach to Disordered Weight Control Behaviors:  A Theoretical Framework and Empirical Evidence
  • Population Disparities in Breastfeeding in the United States
  • Disparities in Community Influences on Child Obesity
  • Social Determinants of Neurodevelopmental Vulnerability in Children with Developmental Delays and Disabilities
  • The Etiology of Adolescent Substance Use Disorders: Family and Neighborhood Risks


  • It Takes a Village to Raise a Parent:  The Relationship between Residential Context, Adolescent Mental Health, and parenting
  • The Social Epidemiology of the Latino Health Paradox
  • Contextual Influences on Child and Adolescent Health
  • Men’s Violence Perpetration: Discrimination and STI/HIV
  • Depression:  Predictors and Consequences
  • Social and Biological Influences on Cognitive Performance in Childhood


  • Predictors and Outcomes Associated with Childhood AHDH
  • Socioeconomic Status, Gender, and HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • The Impact of Prenatal Care on Birth, Neonates and Future Reproduction
  • Social Determinants for the Utilization of Mental Health Services by Children and Adolescents in Chicago Neighborhoods


  • Violence Against Women: Implications for Women’s reproductive and Sexual Health



  • Access, Quality, and Expenditures of Health Care for Children With Special Health Care Needs in the United States
  • The Influence of Learning Disabilities on Psychosocial Functioning Across the Lifespane
  • Psychological and Behavioral Correlates of Intimate Partner Violence and Child Abuse


  • Social Supports, Exposure to Violence and the Mental Health of Adolescents:  Findings from War-Affected and Urban Populations
  • Disparities in Cognitive Performance an Health: the Influence of Childhood IQ and Stressful Life Events on Adult Illness
  • Enrollment, Crowd Out and Unmet Health Need Among Children in Publicly Funded Health Insurance Programs
  • Long Term Implications of Lead Exposure and Evaluation of Strategies to Reduce Risk
  • Changes in Sex Difference in Infant Mortality in Massachusetts
  • Predictors and Correlates of Visual Resolution Acuity in Infancy
  • Residential Mobility: Implications for Cognition, Behavior, and Health in Young Children
  • Quality of life, Stress and Immune Function in Children with HIV-1 Infection
  • Determinants of Infant Mortality and Inadequate Weight Gain in Children Among Municipalities in the State of Ceara, Northeast Brazil
  • Early Postpartum Hospital Discharge Among Low-Income Women in the United States
  • Factors Associated with HIV Identification and Care During Pregnancy
  • Family, Literacy, and Diet: Nutrition Education in Social Contex
  • Food Frequency Questionnaires and Nutritional  Risk Assessment in Low-Income Populations
  • Does Childhood Poverty Matter?  Longitudinal Study in the Impact of Poverty on Children’s Behavioral and Emotional Problems
  • Factors Associated with Breast Cancer Screening Practices and Intentions: A Socio-Ecologic Perspective
  • The Prevalence of Pre-menstrual Syndrome and the Treatment Effect of Pyridoxine in Taiwanese Adolescents
  • Energy Intake, Energy Expenditure, and Body Mass Index Among Children Under Five Years and Their Parents in Rural Bangladesh
  • HIV Risk Assessment and Its Relationship to Breastfeeding Advice in the WIC Program


  • Risk Factors of Infant Mortality in Peninsular Malaysia: Evidence From the Malaysian Family Life Survey-2
  • Determinants of Adverse Neonatal Outcomes in the Languedoc-Roussillon Region of France
  • Substance Use During Pregnancy in Brockton, Massachusetts
  • An Epidemiological Study of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Sociodemographic Determinants of Maternal and Child Health Care in Jordan: An Analysis of the Jordan Fertility and Family Health Survey, 1983
  • Nutrition Screening of Low-Income Pregnant Women
  • Preventable Pediatric Hospitalization Among Infants and Preschool Children
  • An Experimental Study of Self-Help Training for Treated Addicts
  • Smoking During Early Adolescence: Application of a Social Learning
  • Risk Factor Model to the Study of Smoking Onset and Prevention
  • The Mother-Infant Transaction Program an Intervention for Low Birthweight Infants
  • Speech-Impaired Children in One Community: Prevalence and Service Planning Issues
  • Diet, Ethanol Intake, and the Outcome of Pregnancy
  • Longitudinal Patterns of Change in CHD Risk Factors
  • Young Adults’ Contraceptive Practices: An Investigation of Influences
  • The Relation of Temperament and Social Factors to Behavior Problems in Three-Year-Old Children
  • Health Care for MidLife Women
  • The Effect of Contraception on Breastfeeding, Birth Intervals, Nutritional Status, and Survival of Children
  • The Relationship of Prognostic Judgements to the Quality of Case Management and Reoccurrence of Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Growth and Cognitive Development in Children With Down Syndrome: Stability, Determinanats, and Interrelationships