Join us during the academic year for a weekly hour long seminar featuring guest speakers from a variety of different subject areas and disciplines lecturing on Maternal and Child Health topics. The seminar is open to the wider Harvard community. Students who wish to take the course for credit or who are concentrating in Maternal and Child Health can register for the course as SBS360.

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Spring 2021 Seminar Schedule

The below seminar schedule will be updated as seminars are planned.

1/26/2021 Digital Health Access in the Middle East: NABTA Health Sophie Smith
2/2/2021 Strengthening Midwifery in Bangladesh Jennifer Stevens
2/9/2021 Maternal and child health in Latin America and the Caribbean: A health equity perspective during the COVID-19 pandemic. Arachu Castro
2/15/2021 President’s Day, no Seminar 
3/2/ 2021 Square Pegs in Round Holes: trans bodies and healthcare in the UK
Jack Lopez