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  • Route Infrastructure and the Risk of Injuries to Bicyclists: A Case-Crossover Study
    • Results. Of 14 route types, cycle tracks had the lowest risk (adjusted odds ratio [OR]?=?0.11; 95% confidence interval [CI]?=?0.02, 0.54), about one ninth the risk of the reference: major streets with parked cars and no bike infrastructure. Conclusions. The lower risks on quiet streets and with bike-specific infrastructure along busy streets support the route-design approach used in many northern European countries.


  • Risk of injury for bicycling on cycle tracks versus in the street
    • There were 8.5 injuries and 10.5 crashes per million-bicycle kilometers respectively on cycle tracks compared to published injury rates ranging from 3.75 to 67 for bicycling on streets. The relative risk of injury on the cycle track was 0.72 (95%CI=0,60-0.85) compared with bicycling in the reference streets.
    • Cycle tracks lessen, or at least do not increase, crash and injury rates compared to bicycling in the street.