Reporting a stolen bike

STEP 1:  File a report.

  • If your bike is stolen in Longwood, call HUPD’s Longwood line (617-432-1212).
  • If your bike is stolen in Cambridge, call HUPD’s Cambridge line (617-495-1212).
  • If your bike is stolen off-campus, call your local police department’s non-emergency line.
    • Brookline: (617) 730-2222
    • Cambridge: (617) 349-3300
    • Boston: (617) 343-4500
    • Somerville: (617) 625-1600

It helps to know your bike’s serial number, make, model, and color. Also, think of all accessories that may have been on your bike, including a fix kit, basket or rack, lights, and saddle. Try to provide a photo of your bike, if possible.

STEP 2:  Register your stolen bike on various internet databases.

Local and national registries include Bike IndexBikenapped!, and Rejjee.

STEP 3:  Spread word of your stolen bike far and wide, preferably with photos.

Post on Boston Bike Party’s Community Facebook page. Put posters up around school. Let your friends on social media know and ask them to keep an eye out, especially if you have a unique or distinctive-looking bike.

STEP 4:  Keep an eye out for your bike online.

Look through Craigslist postings, and set up Google alerts with information matching your bike.