Data Sets

Data Sets

Social Security Database

from: Bloom, David E., David Canning, Richard K. Mansfield, Michael Moore, 2007. "Demographic Change, Social Security Systems, and Savings," Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol. 54(1), pages 92-114.

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Social Security Data: Excel Format 


Infrastructure Database

from: Canning, David, "A Database of World Stocks of Infrastructure: 1950-1995," The World Bank Economic Review, 1998, Vol. 12(3), pp 529-548. 

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Infrastructure Data
: Excel Format in Zip File 

2007 Update: Data now covers 1950-2005 

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Paved Roads: Excel Format

Telephone Main Lines: Excel Format

Electricity Generating Capacity: Excel Format

Railway Lines: Excel Format 


Abortion Law Database

from: Bloom,
David E., David Canning, Guenther Fink and Jocelyn Finlay, "Fertility, Female Labor Force
Participation, and the Demographic Dividend," Journal of Economic Growth, 2009, Vol. 14(2), 79-101.

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Abortion Law Database: Excel Format