Global Equity During Pandemics: Designing a New Paradigm


Ongoing global Covid-19 vaccine and therapeutic inequities threaten to prolong and exacerbate the pandemic for all countries. As advocates, academics, and policymakers alike call for the U.S. and other wealthy nations to share these lifesaving resources with the world, it is prudent to consider the lessons learned from the HIV pandemic that can be translated … Continue reading "Global Equity During Pandemics: Designing a New Paradigm"

In-person Seminar: Managing Research Data Efficiently

Research Data Management (RDM) is essential for responsible research and planning should begin early. Your well-organized and documented data will meet funding agency requirements, be preserved, discoverable and reproducible. This in-person session will dive into recommended practices for managing research data and provide resources to help you apply those practices efficiently. Instructors: Julie Goldman, Research Data … Continue reading "In-person Seminar: Managing Research Data Efficiently"

Applied AI in Healthcare: Challenges and Opportunities


The adoption of AI in health care is being driven by an exponential growth of health data, the broad availability of computational power, and foundational technical advances. AI has already demonstrated the potential to create value by reducing costs, expanding access, and improving quality. But in order for AI to realize its transformative potential at … Continue reading "Applied AI in Healthcare: Challenges and Opportunities"

How to talk to a climate skeptic


Back by popular demand, this interactive workshop explores the attitudes and motivations that prevent people from supporting actions to stop burning fossil fuels. This workshop, led by Harvard Chan C-CHANGE Interim Director Dr. Aaron Bernstein, aims to help the Harvard community identify strategies, including effective communication, to use when engaging climate skepticism.