Welcome to the External Scholarship Database

The External Scholarship Database is a valuable tool that provides prospective and current students information about external funding opportunities, such as grants, scholarships, and fellowships. 

It is important to realize that Harvard Chan funding is limited, and that most students rely on resources outside of Harvard Chan to cover their cost of attendance. This guide provides instructions on how to effectively utilize the database to find and apply for suitable funding opportunities from outside of Harvard Chan. 

Searching for Funding Opportunities

Selecting All available scholarships will take you to a list of all sources sorted by alphabetical order. 

Use the search filters to narrow down your results. Filters may include keywords, funding type (grant, scholarship, etc.), citizenship status, degree program and more. 

After applying filters, click on a specific “tag” to view a list of relevant funding opportunities. 

If you know a specific fund’s name, you can enter it into the search box in the upper left-hand side of the screen. 

Available as a Spreadsheet

By selecting Download the Data on the right-hand side of the screen, you can export the full list of scholarship opportunities as an Excel spreadsheet. You may find this helpful as it allows you to more readily sort and filter results.  

Reviewing Funding Opportunities

Browse through the list of funding opportunities generated based on your search criteria. 

Select a specific opportunity to view detailed information. This may include the funding amount, application requirements, eligibility criteria, and contact information. 

Applying for Funding

Once you have identified a scholarship opportunity, carefully review the application requirements and guidelines with special attention to any deadlines. Note any necessary documents or information you need to gather for the application process. We caution that while we make every effort to keep this database current, dates and application requirements can change and you are encouraged to reach out to the organization providing funding directly for the most up to date information. 

Please be aware that this list is not exhaustive, and funding is not guaranteed.  

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