Harvard T.H. Chan School Fitness Benefit Program

The Harvard Chan School fitness benefit provides financial assistance to benefits-eligible faculty, staff and postdoctoral fellows who wish to enhance their well being through a membership to a health club of their choice. The benefit can be used to pay for individual or family memberships to health clubs.

How to Apply for a Fitness Benefit Reimbursement:

*NOTE: Effective July 1, 2023, benefits-eligible employees will be allowed ONE (1) fitness reimbursement submission per fiscal year.*

Fitness Benefit Reimbursement requests for FY24 (July 1 2023 – June 30, 2024) are due no later than Friday, July 5, 2024.  Before you submit a request form, please:

     * Verify that you are eligible to participate in this benefit. You must have completed one year of service as a benefits-eligible employee at the Harvard Chan School to be eligible for the Fitness Benefit.

     * Verify health club/gym/fitness center eligibility. A health club/gym/fitness center is eligible if it includes cardiovascular and/or weight training equipment that is accessible to use independently outside of a class or personal training.  PLEASE NOTE: The parameters of the Fitness Benefit are for reimbursements to memberships of health clubs, gym, or fitness center ONLY. For example: ClassPass, OrangeTheory, SweatApp, Peloton, CrossFit, pilates/yoga studios, boxing gyms, climbing gyms, etc. do not qualify for this benefit.

     * Once you have confirmed your eligibility, complete the FY24 Fitness Benefit Reimbursement Form. Fill out all relevant sections, sign (electronically), and submit.

     * Approvals: Human Resources will review and approve completed request forms, and forward them to Payroll for processing.

Payments will be processed as additional pay compensation and will take approximately 4 – 6 weeks to appear in a separate paycheck and deposit (up to 8 weeks during high peak months). PLEASE NOTE: If you have your direct deposits going towards multiple accounts, this will also apply to your reimbursement. To review your payment, first, log on to “PeopleSoft Employee Self Service”, click on “View Paycheck”, then click on “View a Different Paycheck” (it is located on the top right-hand side of your paycheck). This reimbursement appears as a separate line. This amount will be larger than your requested reimbursement, and that is because the amount is grossed up so that you receive the full benefit after taxes.

If you have a question concerning eligibility, your reimbursement, the form, or these instructions, please check the Frequently Asked Fitness Benefit Questions or contact HR by emailing sphhr@hsph.harvard.edu.

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