Dr. Bernard Lown

Dr. Bernard Lown, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, has devoted over fifty years to the practice of medicine, the field of cardiology, and the betterment of humankind. He is the author of The Lost Art of Healing and Prescription for Survival: A Doctor’s Journey to End Nuclear Madness, a recently published memoir.

Established in 2008, the Bernard Lown Cardiovascular Scholars Program honors the talented Harvard cardiologist who has devoted his life to improving health among his patients and globally. Dr. Bernard Lown’s career of advancing the public health includes groundbreaking work on the causes and treatment of heart disease and cardiac arrhythmias, and the development of the direct current (DC) defibrillator that has become a lifesaving device worldwide. He is also world-renowned for his dedication to the prevention of nuclear war. In 1960, during the tensions of the Cold War, he was one of the founders of Physicians for Social Responsibility. In 1980, he and Dr. Evgeny Chazov co-founded International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. They accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the organization in 1985. For four decades, Dr. Lown brought young physicians and scholars from low and middle income countries to Harvard School of Public Health to learn how to prevent cardiovascular disease and to carry out research under the direction of outstanding professors. The Lown Scholars program is a continuation of that vision.