Firearm Instructors

Firearm instructors are getting involved by including a short module on suicide prevention in their firearm training classes.

  1. Slides for instructors – Click here to download generic slides that you can use. When downloaded, slides 3 and 4 have instructions for how to replace the national data with data for your specific state.
  2. Sample session – Click below or here to watch a Utah instructor deliver the content in a 5 minute video.
  3. State-specific example – Click  here for an example of how the Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition customized the slides in #1 above for their state.



The VISION Coalition  partners with firearm retailers and shooting ranges across Louisiana to raise awareness surrounding firearm suicide and provide resources for firearm instructors to share with clients and staff.

Saving Lives Together: Firearm Safety for Suicide Prevention Powerpoint

A survey of Massachusetts firearm instructors covering suicide prevention in firearm classes was created through collaboration between the Massachusetts Governor’s Challenge to Prevent Suicide Among Service Members, Veterans, and their Families (Lethal Means Safety Workgroup) and the Massachusetts State Police.