Brochures & Slides


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Means Matter Booklet: an introduction to the relationship between guns and impulsive suicides

*The above link is sufficient for office printing. If you are getting brochures printed professionally, use this printer quality version.

Means Matter slideshow: a powerpoint presentation you can use to spread the word about lethal means restriction.

Speaker Pamphlet about Means Matter presentations and trainings

US Suicide Trends by Method, 1985-2004

Brochure from Washington State’s Lok-It-Up Campaign (courtesy of the Snohomish Health District, WA)

Brochure on Gun Locking Devices (courtesy of the Indiana Partnership to Prevent Firearm Violence)

“Five Minutes Can Save a Life”  brochure (courtesy of Community Action for Youth Survival at University of Illinois- Chicago)

Slide show with pictures of various types of bridge barriers