After pandemic trauma, people’s return to normal will vary, say experts

As the COVID-19 pandemic eases, some people will return to pre-pandemic normalcy relatively quickly, but others may struggle, according to experts.

Some people “are excited and feeling hopeful about things going back to normal and being freed up,” said Karestan Koenen, professor of psychiatric epidemiology at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, in a March 26, 2021, article. “On the other hand, it’s normal that people are feeling a lot of other feelings; it’s not just … universal joy. People might feel great anxiety and stress, as well.” She added that some people could be dealing with issues such as substance use, alcohol consumption, or eating disorders.

Finding a therapist for support may be tough because many are booked. Koenen suggested seeking out online resources such as a COVID-19 Mental Health Forum Series she hosted, exploring group therapy, reaching out to people in your support network, or helping others. “Something I have been reminded of is … most of us have felt so helpless this past year [and were] told to stay home,” she said. “It actually feels good to help somebody.”

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