Too many vitamins may be risky for health

Taking doses of vitamins that far exceed recommended daily allowances can be hazardous for health, experts say.

An article in the September 2019 issue of Scientific American listed several studies that have found associations between high doses of B vitamins and hip fractures, including a May 2019 study co-authored by Walter Willett of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, that used data from the decades-long Nurses’ Health Study, and a 2017 study based on a large Norwegian trial. The article also cited a 2002 study, also co-authored by Willett, that linked excessive vitamin A with hip fractures.

While vitamins and minerals are essential for health, more does not necessarily mean better, according to the article. Willett, professor of nutrition and epidemiology, said that taking a daily multivitamin is a sensible choice.

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