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Is cottage cheese healthy?

While a recent trend on social media touts cottage cheese as a healthy food, people should be aware that it may contain high levels of sodium and fat, according to experts at Harvard Chan School.


Chloride is a mineral naturally found in various foods, but our main dietary source is sodium chloride, otherwise known as table salt. Chloride carries an electric charge and therefore is classified as an electrolyte, along with sodium and…


Molybdenum is an essential trace mineral that occurs naturally in foods and is available in supplements. It is a component of four different enzymes in the body that help break down proteins, alcohol, drugs, and toxins. Molybdenum-containing enzymes…


Copper is a naturally occurring metal found in soil, water, and rocks. Nutritionally, it is an essential trace mineral found in some foods and in supplements. It works to assist various enzymes that produce energy for the body,…

A closer look at multivitamins

Harvard Chan School researcher says that she would not discourage anyone taking a multivitamin, but that  “multivitamins and other supplements will never be a substitute for a healthful diet.”