Harvard Public Health: Spring 2014

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Failing Economy—Failing Health

It is five years since the Great Recession officially came to an end. Will the long-term damage to our health far exceed the damage to our economy?

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Dean’s Message: Questions of Scale

Public health professionals move easily from the individual to the institutional and back again to the human being.


Quick updates about public health news from the Spring 2014 issue of Harvard Public Health.

Off the Cuff: The $1.50 Difference

Dariush Mozzafarian explains the policy implications of the dollar calculation of the cost of a healthy diet vs. an unhealthy diet.

Quote: Unquote

An HSPH student envisions the next 50 years of public health.

The Nano State

Can engineered nanoparticles protect us from airborne infectious disease?

The Provocative Pragmatist

With a mixture of research, persuasion, and social media moxie, Ashish Jha seeks to drive health care improvements.

Time for Thinking Big

The Takemi Program spurs midcareer professionals to take on ambitious projects.

Where’s the Salt?

What countries are consuming the most sodium around the world?

New DrPH Program

The School’s newest doctoral program attracts hundreds of applicants for 15 slots.

Philanthropic Impact: “Just” Gifts


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