This website provides information about the Department of Nutrition’s semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire (FFQ).

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General Documentation

Access information about the FFQs, including a sample of the grid FFQ available for current use, order forms, and frequently asked questions.
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Nutrient Database

Access the nutrient list and tables used to analyze the FFQ.
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Environmental Database

This database includes four environmental impact metrics – greenhouse gas emissions, irrigation water use, nitrogen use, and high-quality cropland use – for the 156 food items listed in the FFQ of the 2011 Nurses’ Health Study II.
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Due to the large volume of investigators interested in using the questionnaires and the subsequent questions, we request that you PLEASE read the posted material carefully for general questions, and print the provided documentation for your reference. Additionally, due to our current staffing, we regrettably will not be able to answer individual questions pertaining to the nutrient tables. Extensive quality assurance procedures have been applied to the tables; we hope you find them satisfactory.