Educator Resources

The Leadership Studio
The Leadership Studio at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health enables you to coalesce information and ideas, present and consider them in an ideal environment for media production and collaboration, record the experience, and then share it with global audiences.

EduClip: The Video-Sharing Tool
EduClip enables students and faculty to search video collections for content on a wide variety of topics. In the classroom, these videos stimulate learning by providing teachable moments for comparing and contrasting ideas from a variety of sources and situations.

RELATED RESOURCE: You may also want to check out the School’s Case-Based Teaching and Learning page. This single repository for all resources developed by and for the Harvard Chan School Case-Based Teaching and Learning Center. You will find a library of public health teaching cases designed to engage students in real-life situations that reflect issues they will face as public health professionals. You will also find resources on how to teach using the case-method, as well as help for writing your own cases.