Student Liaisons

STUDENT LIAISONS of the Senior Leadership Fellows Program (SLFP) are volunteers, selected by an application process, who work in small teams 2-3 to help integrate each Senior Leadership Fellow into the fabric of Harvard Chan and the University at-large by introducing them to the community’s people, culture, and events.


Senior Leadership Fellows are in residence on campus for approximately 9 weeks; and in cases of short-term fellows, only 1-2 weeks. Given the abundance of resources at Harvard, one can hardly expect to see and do it all. However, Student Liaisons can greatly enrich a Senior Leadership Fellow’s experience by sharing with them their own network and knowledge. Student Liaisons share their personal Harvard experience and their connections to student groups, events, faculty, and other campus going-ons.

Seeing Harvard through a student’s perspective provides each Senior Leadership Fellow with a fuller sample of the Harvard community. In return, Student Liaisons build unique relationships with esteemed global leaders of public heath decision-making.

Open positions: Now accepting applications for volunteer Student Liaisons for Pr. Awa Marie Coll Seck, MD PhD, former Minister of Health in Senegal (2001-2003 / 2012-2017) . Click here to apply

Subramanian Sathasivam (left), former minister of health of Malaysia with student liaisons. Photo by Salif Mangane.

Application Process

  • The application and selection process for Student Liaisons generally takes place weeks prior to the arrival of a Senior Leadership Fellow. Note: The process may be delayed for positions pertaining to Fellows in the Fall 1 term, since a Fellow for that term will arrive prior to most students returning to campus.
  • A separate application process for Student Liaisons will be held for each incoming Senior Leadership Fellow.
  • Open positions and links to online applications will be posted on this page.
  • Program staff will review all applications, meet with select candidates, and notify those chosen for positions.

Application deadline is March 14, 2024.


  • Contribute ideas of activities, meetings, and events that may be of interest to the Senior Leadership Fellow.
  • Meet regularly with the rest of the Student Liaison team and the Senior Leadership Fellow.
  • Meet as needed with the Senior Leadership Fellows Program (SLFP) staff for support and collaboration.

    Testemonials from Students:

    “Being a part of the student liaison program really complimented my first semester at Harvard Chan. Through the program, I was able to connect with Mayor Kim Janey and learn more about the amazing work she’s done for the city and as a leader in health equity. It felt like a truly integrated experience, doing my public health coursework as well as being her student liaison, and I am grateful to have had this opportunity here at Harvard.” 

    Yvette Cho, MPH ’22, student liaison for Kim Janey, Menschel Fellow ’23 

Photo of Amal standing next to Bill de Blasio
Student Liaison, Amal Cheema, and 2022 Menschel Fellow, Bill de Blasio
“Serving as a student liaison to Mayor de Blasio was a phenomenal experience of connecting a senior leader with Chan students. I deeply enjoyed co-facilitating small group dialogues on topics like poetry and public opinion, allowing Chan students, myself included, to learn creatively in conversation with the Mayor. The Student Liaison Program is a rare opportunity to engage with people who have served in high-level positions and gain unusual insights into what leadership may require.”

Amal Cheema, MPH ’23, Student Liaison for Ted Strickland, Menschel Fellow ’18