Interdisciplinary Concentration

Info Session

Interdisciplinary Concentration in Population Mental Health Info Session, 12.8.20

The goal of this interdisciplinary concentration is to increase expertise in mental disorders among public health professionals. Students who complete this interdisciplinary concentration will be prepared to articulate the U.S. and global public health impact of mental disorders and obtain critical skills that will enable them to conduct important work, in both research and practice, aimed at understanding the causes and consequences of mental disorders as well as reducing their public health burden.

Concentration Requirements

ELIGIBILITY Students from any academic department at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
ADMISSIONS Submit the concentration completion form within five business days of the registrar’s add/drop deadline for the quarter prior to graduation. For spring graduation, this would be within five business days of the Spring 2 add/drop deadline. For winter graduation, this would be within five business days of the Fall 2 add/drop deadline.
REQUIRED Completion of 10 credits (C or higher for ordinal credit, S for S/NS credit):

  • 5 credits from core courses (EPI 217, EPI 219, GHP 204)
  • 2.5 credits from mental health elective courses
  • 2.5 credits from any core, mental health elective, or related elective courses
RECOMMENDED Population mental health related practicum, thesis or dissertation