CHOICES Community of Practice Provides Exclusive Access to Tools & Resources and Fosters Connections with Peers

The CHOICES team is pleased to announce the launch of the CHOICES Community of Practice. Our Community of Practice is an online platform that serves as a resource center for organizations and individuals to learn how cost-effectiveness concepts can advance efforts to support healthy eating and active living in their state, county, and/or city.

CHOICES Community of PracticeNow, more than ever, we need solutions to keep our communities healthy and resilient. Our goal is for this portal to serve as a resource for organizations and individuals to learn how the CHOICES methods and concepts can advance strategies to support healthy eating and active living and identify strategic options that may reduce related health disparities in our states, counties, and cities.In addition, we hope that our tools and resources, especially those on cost-effectiveness, can help inform strategic thinking during this time of economic uncertainty.

The CHOICES Community of Practice focuses on sharing and learning around three key focus areas: promoting healthy weightunderstanding cost-effectiveness analysis, and applying the CHOICES framework in your work. The CHOICES framework is an approach for evaluating the potential impact of a strategy to promote healthy weight in your state, county, or city through the concepts of effect, cost, reach, and cost-effectiveness to help you determine how to invest resources responsibly.

Members of the Community of Practice are individuals working in the United States whose work focuses on obesity prevention, healthy eating, active living in organizations such as: state and local health agencies (for example: chronic disease directors), organizations that partner with state and local health agencies and facilitate nutrition and physical activity initiatives for young children, government relations organizations, public health interest groups, academic institutions, and quality improvement/accreditation organizations.

As a member, you’ll have access to:

Joining the CHOICES Community of Practice will provide you with an opportunity to access tools and resources to help you build upon the work you’re doing to promote healthy weight in your community, work with the CHOICES team as part of future funding opportunities, meet and connect with other members of the community, and more.

Want to learn more about what the online portal is all about? Check out this quick video first to get a peek at what’s inside!