Who is Eligible for the Concentration?

Students from any academic department at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health are invited to complete the WGH concentration.

Student Responsibilities

Students should indicate their interest in the WGH concentration by signing up for our mailing list here and ensuring they keep abreast of announcements. Students are responsible for fulfilling the requirements for their home departments, or Field of Study within a School-wide program, in addition to the concentration’s requirements in WGH core courses and related courses focusing on women, gender, and health.

Credits Required

The WGH concentration requires 10 credits (see requirements below).

Students in degree programs > 42.5 credits
Required courses** (a) 5 credits in any of the WGH core courses, plus (b) another 2.5 credits of WGH core courses or courses including gender analysis, plus (c) 2.5 credits in any other courses listed
Students in degree programs ≤ 42.5 credits:
Required courses** (a) 5 credits in any of the WGH core courses, plus (b) another 2.5 credits of WGH core courses or courses including gender analysis OR 2.5 credits for practicum that addresses a gender topic, plus (c) 2.5 credits from any other courses listed

NOTE: Some course offerings may change. Check Registrar’s website before finalizing schedule. Additional courses, including from other Harvard schools (e.g., WGS 1253: Sexual Health and Reproductive Justice, WGS 1272: Global Reproductive Health, WGS 1421: Medical Management of the Female Body at FAS, or WGS 365: Women, Health, and Marginalization at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), may also be used to fulfill the above requirements pending a petition which must be submitted prior to the start of the course. Do note that some of these courses, such as WGS 1253 and 1272, give enrollment priority to students other than those from Chan. For a list of related courses, please consult the Harvard University Gender Course Guide or search within each school’s course catalog.

Concentration Completion

Beginning after the Registrar’s Spring 2 Add/Drop deadline, students can submit their Concentration Completion Form. The deadline for this form is generally a few weeks later so we encourage students to watch for email reminders about this deadline through the WGH newsletter. It is the student’s responsibility to submit this form before the deadline. Upon graduation, the degree will be issued from the home department and students will receive a letter from the WGH Steering Committee attesting to completion of the WGH. More detailed information is available here.



Last Updated: August 11, 2022