Conference Stipends

We sponsor conference stipends each semester open to all students, whether attending, presenting, organizing, or moderating, for conferences that have a clear gender analysis component relevant to public health research or practice. The stipend is to support recipients to participate in conferences: (1) they are attending for educational and professional benefit and connections, to strengthen capacity to use a gender analysis; (2) to which they are submitting abstracts (oral or poster presentations) that have a clear gender analysis component to the research, in relation to any chosen health topic or public health field; or (3) in which they have a major role in organizing aspects of the conference concerned with connections between gender and health (e.g., organize and/or moderate a session).

The stipend is dispersed following the submission and approval of a Conference-Stipend-Application. Applications are due via email (deadline specified in WGH newsletter). Stipends can cover expenses to be used for travel, accommodation, incidental costs, and registration for the conference. The limit for funding is US$750 for US-based conferences and US$1,000 for international (non-US) conferences. Recipients approved for the stipend are required to report back on their conference experience at a WGH Steering Committee meeting following the conference. Some examples of successful applications can be found here.

This year’s applications are due on November 1, 2021 and April 29, 2022.

Last Updated: August 16, 2021